Victims of Amiodarone

Have you or someone you know already suffered because of the drug Amiodarone? Many patients were not informed about the serious risks of these drugs before they took it, only discovering after the fact that medical issues like heart problems, liver damage, and blindness were possible.

Amiodarone is a medication referred to as an antirrhymic agent. It’s used to treat cardiac issues, but the drug has recently been tied to life-threatening side effects. The medication was initially approved by the FDA for treating irregular heart rhythms like atrial flutter and atrial fibrillation.

What to Do If You’ve Been Injured Due to Amiodarone

If you or someone you know has already suffered as a result of Amiodarone, you need a lawyer who is dedicated to representing those who have been injured by defective drugs. There’s a lot on the line for a patient who has suffered, and being able to get answers quickly from an attorney who cares can make a big difference for a legal case.

Some patients who have suffered lung, liver, eye, or heart damage as a result of Amiodarone have come forward to file lawsuits against the manufacturer. If you believe that your otherwise unexplained medical conditions could be tied to using Amiodarone, finding an attorney who can help you with your case is strongly recommended. The J. Reyna Law Firm is helping those patients who believe their medical concerns could have been prevented had they known about the risks of the drug in advance.

Although no amount of money can ever correct the suffering you’ve already had to endure due to Amiodarone risks, taking action by hiring an experienced lawyer as soon as possible is strongly recommended. You may be able to hold the manufacturer responsible by filing a lawsuit against the drug maker, but it’s essential that you take action sooner rather than later.

What You Must Know About Amiodarone Risks

The drug is sold under the names Cordarone, Aratac, and Pacerone. Unfortunately, however, it is also far too often given to patients for purposes not approved by the FDA. A Safety Warning was issued by the FDA in 2005 about the dangers of Amiodarone. Approximately 17% of the patients taking the drug develop pulmonary toxicity, lung damage that causes fatal injuries in at least 10 percent of cases. Amiodarone has also been linked to an irregular heart rhythm.

Recent reports identified that those patients taking Amiodarone and simvastatin or other statins had a high risk of developing rhabdomyolysis. This degenerative muscle disease can seriously endanger an affected patient. The condition may even become life-threatening. If you or someone you know has been injured as a result of taking statins and amiodarone, you need to contact your doctor immediately.

Given the high risks associated with this drug, such as worsening heart conditions, blindness, and lung toxicity, you need to report side effects to your doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor may be able to recommend alternative treatments.

Your choice of lawyer makes a difference. If you’re ready to hire experience and dedicated representation, it’s imperative you contact the J. Reyna Law Firm today for more information about Amiodarone lawsuits.

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