Four Things You Need to Do If You Think Amiodarone Is Causing You Injury

If you suspect that a medication such as Amiodarone is causing you serious injuries or that it has claimed the life of a loved one, you need to consult with a defective drug attorney as soon as possible. Follow the steps below to protect the integrity of your claim and to move forward with all of your legal choices as soon as possible.

Don’t wait too long to follow through on any of these steps if you suspect that you have suffered due to a defective drug- contacting a lawyer as soon as possible is strongly recommended.

Get Medical Treatment

If you believe that a recent medical condition has been brought about as a result of taking Amiodarone, you need to consult with your doctor as soon as possible about whether or not you should remain on this medication. You doctor may recommend that you discontinue use of this prescription treatment immediately and pursue alternative treatment.

Gather Relevant Evidence

It is important that you gather all of the materials you received about the medication at the time it was prescribed, including any notes you may have taken from your consultation with your doctor. Gathering your evidence can help you identify whether or not you were ever advised about the serious risks of taking Amiodarone. Unfortunately, far too many patients had no idea about the serious life threatening risks they were facing while taking this medication.

All your medical records, your notes from appointments, and any information about corrective medicines or procedures you’ve had to go through due to the injuries caused by the drug should be considered as you bring forward your case with the help of an Amiodarone injury lawyer.

Refuse to Sign Anything from The Hospital or Your Doctor

In the event that you come forward with a medical malpractice lawsuit or a defective drug lawsuit, you can bet that the insurance companies involved will want to capture information from you as soon as possible. In many cases, you are not required to provide this information and it might only be used against you and the integrity of your case.

Having an attorney review all of these materials before you agree to anything or sign anything is strongly recommended as this could help you avoid some of the most common mistakes.

Hire an Experienced Defective Drug Attorney

Unfortunately, manufacturers of drugs like Amiodarone often market these medications when they have not properly been tested or when manufacturers knew about the dangers associated with them and chose to push them in market anyways. If you suspect that you have sustained serious injuries as a result of using Amiodarone, you need to gather your materials and consult with an experienced defective drug attorney as soon as possible. This may be the only way for you to recover compensation associated with the injuries you have sustained in your case. Do not hesitate to get help from a knowledgeable attorney as soon as possible.

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