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Amiodarone Lawsuit Attorney

What to Do If You’ve Been Injured Due to Amiodarone

If you or someone you know has already suffered as a result of Amiodarone, you need a lawyer who is dedicated to representing those who have been injured by defective drugs. There’s a lot on the line for a patient who has suffered, and being able to get answers quickly from an attorney who cares can make a big difference for a legal case.

What You Must Know About Amiodarone Risks

The drug is sold under the names Cordarone, Aratac, and Pacerone. Unfortunately, however, it is also far too often given to patients for purposes not approved by the FDA. A Safety Warning was issued by the FDA in 2005 about the dangers of Amiodarone. Approximately 17% of the patients taking the drug develop pulmonary toxicity, lung damage that causes fatal injuries in at least 10 percent of cases. Amiodarone has also been linked to an irregular heart rhythm.

Amiodarone Lawsuit Attorney
  • Amiodarone Lawsuit Attorney

    Four Things You Need to Do If You Think Amiodarone Is Causing You Injury

    If you suspect that a medication such as Amiodarone is causing you serious injuries or that it has claimed the life of a loved one, you need to consult with a defective drug attorney as soon as possible. Learn More

  • Amiodarone Lawsuit Attorney

    FDA Warns Amiodarone Manufacturer About Misleading Promotions

    According to recent studies, as many as 17% of patients who are taking Amiodarone have sustained lung damage and up to 10% of them pass away. Other patients have filed adverse event reports after experiencing eye, liver and thyroid problems. Learn More

  • Amiodarone Lawsuit Attorney

    What Type of Compensation Can I Get in a Defective Drug Case

    If you or someone you know has been seriously injured as a result of taking Amiodarone or any other defective drug, you may be entitled to recover compensation after consulting with a knowledgeable defective drug attorney. Learn More

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